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One of the most important values which guide Insol daily activities is “solidarity”. Solidarity makes people happier and above all more human.

Acting with humanity is a fundamental objective to be reached by Insol managers and employees. In accordance with this, “Projeto SOLidario” was created in 2004. Multiple integration activities between Insol employees and the communities around then were made since.

Insol objectives are not restricted to social assistance. In 2007 the “SOLidarity” project evolved and became “Insol Citizenship Institute”, a non-profit entity with the objective to contribute actively for continuously and sustained development of partners communities always with Insol employees participation.

On years to come the solidarity dream will certainly be consolidate. Managers and employees can contribute for the development of communities where they work and live in the same way that they contribute for our success.

Inclusão Digital
Digital inclusion program for minors

mesa cheia  
Campaigns run by the Solidarity Project



News #17
jan/feb/mar 2008*

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Insol Solidarity
The entity actively contributes to the development of the community.
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